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Please view our contract before being put on
our list.   
Puppy Contract
Once puppies are born I have to hear from you within 2
days  or the next family in line will become available and
move up on the list !   One week after they are born, we need
to receive your deposit to reserve you puppy !!!
Please watch the website for updates on delivery.
Bonnie St.John
We now take PayPal for deposits.
You can make a $300 deposit
with PayPal
Thanks, Bonnie St.John
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English Chocolate Lab Puppies, English Black Lab Puppies, English Yellow Lab Puppies, English Fox Red Lab Puppies
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California Lab Breeder
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chocolate lab puppies, English black lab puppies, Fox Red lab puppies for sale, California, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado,
Los Angeles, Orange County, Bakersfield,
If Interested please call or email me:
3/23/14 Salsa's Puppies are
Click on her Nursery for
current pictures!
Updated News!!!
Martha & Mikey Puppies are Due June 12th, 2014
I will confirm Pregnancy on May 11th.
Black and Chocolate English Puppies!  If
   you are on the list, please email and confirm,
and if you want on the list, please email me!
Torch and Scout will be breeding around
April 25th, Puppies should be due around
June 27th, 2014
I will confirm Pregnancy around May 25th, 2014
This will be a Yellow and Fox Red in Color
Should you want to get on Scouts list, please
email me.  Or if you are on the list, please