Newborn Group Picture
Puppy Updates
Pink Collar              5:58 pm            1 lb 1 oz      
Orange Collar            6:23 pm          15.8 oz    
Blue Collar             6:58 pm             1 lb 0 oz
Yellow Collar            9:12 pm         1 lb 1 oz         
White Collar            7:26 pm            1 lb 1 oz
One Week Old
Two Weeks Old
Eight Weeks Old
Four Weeks Old
Three Weeks Old
Pink Stripe               8:10 pm            14.6 oz    
Pink with Blk Stripe  Collar      8:44 pm    1 lb 0 oz    
Time is getting closer :)  Here is some info and some answers to common questions from everyone!

Pick up dates are: June 11th,14th, 15th, 16th.  Please email me for a date that works for you
Puppy food we feed:  Diamond Naturals Large Breed Puppy (not diamond puppy) needs to say "Naturals"
Final Payment:  Pick up day you can pay balance with Cash, or if you chose to use a credit card for points or awards, please go to your
paypal account not mine, choose send money to "friends or family" then type in my email address  bonnie@countrylabs.com and it will then
go into my account.  This stops the 3.75% fee that paypal takes out.  If you choose the paypal route, balance must be paid by May 30, 2017

We are still going through the pick process, we have visitation this Sunday at 1:00 May 28th.  Please
email for appointment
Mulvey Family
Sanchez Family
Green Family
Powell Family
Gebhard Family
Franks Family
Kroh Family