Newborn Group Picture
Puppy Updates
 Pink Collar                   7:22 pm                  15 oz           
  White Collar                 9:34 pm               13 oz               
 Blue Collar                    6:35 pm                  1 lb 1 oz       
One Week Old
Two Weeks Old
Eight Weeks Old
Four Weeks Old
Three Weeks Old
 Pink Stripe                         11:18 pm                14 oz       
 Orange Collar             7:40 pm                  1 lb 0 oz       
 Yellow Collar                8:21 pm                  15 oz             
 Green Collar                   8:46 pm              14 oz                
 Blue Stripe               10:00 pm                  15 oz             
Blue w/ Black Stripes          12:50  am         1 lb
Puppies are getting ready to go to their Fur Ever Home!!!!!  
Pick up dates: July 13th, 14th and 15th.  Please Email, Call or text me with time and date you
would like.  661-203-5516  bonnie@countrylabs.com
If you would like a
Microchip put in your puppy the cost is $25.00 or you can get it done from your
Don't forget to order the NuVet supplements, it helps with the stress going to a new home.
We feed:  Diamond Naturals Large Breed Puppy, we will send you home with a two day supply.  

I will be taking the puppies for a vet check on Thursday July 12th.
Wicks Family