Yellow Collar          12:49 am             1 lb
Blue Collar            10:25 pm          1 lb 1 oz
One Week Old
Two Weeks Old
Three Weeks Old
Four Weeks Old
Five Weeks Old
Six Weeks Old
Some Cute Pictures!
Newborn Group Picture
Orange Collar              1:21 am                   1 lb
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Casillas Family
Beaudry Family
Neustel Family
Puppies will be going to get their Vet Check up this coming week!  They are just about
ready to go to their forever homes!
We feed:  
Diamond Naturals Large Breed Puppy Food , you can always switch them to a
Good quality Puppy food if you can't find this is your area.  
If you will be using Paypal for your Balance, Please add 3% as this is what they charge
us :(
If you pay your balance on Pay Pal, balance is due at this time, or you can pay balance
on Pick up day~!

If you would like us to put in a Microchip in your puppy, the cost is $25.00.  Or you can
have your Vet put one in at time of your visit.  Please let me know soon if you want us
to put the Microchip in!!!!!
Pick up day, you can bring a crate for the puppy to sleep in (hopefully sleep) on the way

Pick Up dates:  April 27th, 29th , May 4th, 5th or 6th

Any questions, please feel free to Call , Text or email
Thank you,