1.  The new puppy owner will take their newly purchased puppy to a licensed, accredited, and trusted
veterinarian within 5 days after picking up their puppy.  If your veterinarian indicates your puppy is unhealthy
and you would like a refund or exchange, you will send a copy of the veterinary report to
bonnie@countrylabs.com for records purposes within three days of your veterinarian visit.  Countrylabs
reserves the right to have the puppy examined by a veterinarian of our choice at
our cost as a second opinion.
If the puppy develops a documented genetic problem within one year after birth, we will be happy to help offer
a number of amicable solutions, including replacement if required,  for the benefit and love of your new family
member. Countrylabs is not responsible for veterinary costs after placement.                                        
2.   The new puppy owner will keep their new family member on a veterinary approved schedule of puppy
vaccinations, veterinary check ups,  and wormings. Documentation of this health record will be required to be
submitted to countrylabs if you submit to us that your puppy is unhealthy and your are requesting a refund or
3.   Our puppies do not come with breeding rights. If you would like to breed your new puppy in the future,
arrangements must be made with Countrylabs prior to your purchase of the puppy. Countrylabs is
implementing this in order to protect our quality breeding lines we have worked so hard to
4.   We guarantee our puppies to be free of genetic health issues such as hip / elbow dysplacia and  heart
problems for a period of one year from the time of birth. If your puppy develops such a problem, we will be
happy to provide you with a puppy of equal value or a refund within one month from the time countrylabs
either gets a second opinion or waives our right for a second opinion.
5.   Our puppies are completely free of Parvo when they leave our premises. The puppy buyer assumes full
responsibility to keep their new puppy confined at home with little or no interaction with other animals until the
puppy has completed all of their veterinary recommended series of puppy vaccinations. Countrylabs assumes
no responsibility for a Parvo infected puppy.
6.   This contract is only valid for the original puppy buyer. Subsequent buyers will have no legal recourse
against countrylabs because they were not present at contract signing and thus are not aware of countrylabs'
requirement for responsible pet ownership.
7.   If for some reason you decide not to keep your puppy, you agree to return the puppy to Countrylabs for
placement. We do this to ensure the puppy does not end up in the animal control facilities.

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