News & Updates!!!!!!
One Week Old
Newborn Group Picture
Orange Collar                            1 lb 1oz
Two Week Old
Three Week Old
Five Week Old
Six Week Old
Some cute Pictures!!!
Pink Collar                               1 lb  2oz
1Green Collar                          1lb 1oz
All Puppies have been adopted!
First Feeding They loved it!
Click on link below to see a
small video of Sak's Puppies!  
This is from my Cell phone so
quality isn't that good!  
Bear the Sire
Puppies are now full time out in the puppy house!  They have heat, and a doggie door to go in and out of
the puppy play area.  I must say, they were very happy to go explore this new world of theirs :)
My name is
Me and my new
going to be best
of friends!!!!!!