Black Labrador Retriever Puppies
Yellow lab puppies California
Gold Rush 3 months old , Scarlet's Litter-
Picture From William Santiago
Yellow lab puppies for sale California
Black lab puppies for sale california
From Scarlet & Duke
From Scarlet & Duke
From Scarlet & Duke
From Shiloh & Bruin
From Sheyenne & Duke
From Scarlet & Duke
From Sheyenne & Duke
From Shiloh & Max
From Shiloh & Max
Scarlet &
Dukes Litter
From Scarlet & Duke
Cooper from
Sheyenne & Duke
Cooper was the runt, he weighs
about 45 lbs at 5 months old, wow
he was a little one!  He is so
"Sue" Male from
Sheyenne & Bruin
He's already a great
"Sue"  From Sheynne &
Got it , No Problem...
Yellow is Gold Rush, from Duke & Scarlet..... Black
is Hercila, from Sheyenne & Bruin.  Both just
beautiful dogs, yep...i'm proud!
Thanks so much for all the families and good friends who
send their photos in.  I so much appreciate it....
Again Thanks,
This is Sue, from Bruin & Sheyenne.
Brandon has trained him to be a
great hunting dog.  This is him at 1
year old on his first hunt.  Thanks
This is Gunner from Shiloh & Max.  I love this
picture because you can just read Gunners
thoughts as he's looking down.
" You want me to jump into this"???
"Hello"  " No thanks"!  They were at Bark in the Park
In Lancaster.
Snow Day, The Highways are Closed, and
We Can't Get to Work !!!   12/08
Yellow lab puppies california
Chocolate Lab Puppies for Sale
Sheyenne & Sienna's puppies
From Duke & Savannah
From Red & Scarlet
Hunter from Shiloh & Max, wow what a
handsome boy at 1 year old....
Wyatt from Duke and Skye.  He is so
handsome at 8 months old.  01/ 2010