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We are located in Tehachapi, California
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English Chocolate Lab Puppies, English Black Lab Puppies, English Yellow Lab Puppies, English Fox Red Lab Puppies
Northern California, Southern California, Central California
English Chocolate Labrador Retriever Puppies, English Yellow Labrador Retriever Puppies,
Black Labrador Retriever Puppies, Fox Red Labrador Retriever Puppies,
English Lab Breeders in California
English Labrador Breeders
Saks and Tango
If Interested please call or email me:
All our puppies will be started on Nuvet Supplements when
they are weaned !  We hope you will continue the
supplements for your puppy and future adult dogs!  Thank
you for taking such good care of our Grandpups!
All our puppies are $1400.00  Male or Female !  Black,
Chocolate, Yellow and Fox Red in Color are all the
same price.  
Please email me if you're interested on getting on
one of the upcoming litters list!
This will be a beautiful English Yellow LItter
Mikey & Sadie
Pregnancy Confirmed!!!!!!!
Puppies Due 12/25/2014
Country Labs Always reserves the right to pick of the litter!!!!!

Shelby and Sailor:  St John's Pick, Gan Family (F),  Ely Family, Garfield Family
(M), Coppage Family (M), Aliscad Family (M),  Gerardi Family (MorF),
Magdaleno Family, Arvizo Family (MorF), Miranda Family  (M), Adams Family,
Marshall Family, Richie Family, Itzaina Family, Waters Family (M), Salerno
Family (M), Bogart Family, Nolan Family, Light Family (M),
Ramirez Family (F), Sutton Family (M), Skadeland Family (F)

Saks and Tango:  Page Family (F) ,Madaleno Family (F or M), Eckman Family
(morF), Ellisen Family (F), Finlayson Family (MorF), , Mathews Family (F),
Itzaina Family, Cook Family, Rowe Family, Ott Family, Leonard Fmily (M)

Mikey and Sadie:   Long Family, Terrio Family,  Jackson Family, Magdaleno
Family, Bainum Family (F), Patterson Family, Brown Family, Harris Family (M),
Fleming Family (M), Kagan Family, Zinshteyn Family
, Light Family (M), Maxey

Chase and Martha: Long Family, Terrio Family, Jackson Family, Magdaleno
Family, Itzaina Family, Banium Family (CF), Patterson Family, Brown Family,
Harris Family (M), McEntyre Family (BF), Finlayson Family (MorFB), Louie
Family (MorF), Kagan Family,  Zinshteyn Family, Erlendson Family (BM)
Maxey Family,
English Fox Red lab puppies for sale
We breed Fox Red lab puppies, yellow lab puppies, chocolate lab puppies, black lab puppies, English fox red lab puppies, English yellow
lab puppies, English chocolate lab puppies and English black lab puppies.  We ship to California, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado,
Los Angeles, Orange County, Bakersfield, Oklahoma, Maine, Utah, and Oregon.
Shelby and Maybe Sailor
Fox Red lab puppies for sale California
****Shelby is NOT pregnant :( ****
English Yellow Labrador puppies for sale
Yellow Labrador puppies for sale California
Saks is not pregnant!!!!!!!!
Chase & Martha
Black and Chocolate
English chocolate lab puppies for sale California
English chocolate Lab puppies
Torch's Dad Sailor
English Black lab puppies for sale
English black lab puppies for sale California
Fox Red
Chocolate Lab puppies for sale
Puppies due around Jan. 4th 2015
Martha IS Confirmed Pregnant